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Colombian weddings really are a blend of ritual and spirituality which is one of the unique in South America. The word “Colombia” is derived from the Spanish word this means “coat”. The culture of Columbia is usually one rich in history and heritage. The Mayans, the Aztecs as well as the Incas almost all established their particular civilization in this article many centuries before. There has been a powerful spiritual importance to the Colombian people designed for hundreds of years and all their culture is usually reflected inside their weddings.

Most Colombian weddings are performed by a clergyman or a monk, although many tourists choose to have them perform the wedding service themselves. In some rural forums, the wedding couple still accomplish the traditional rituals of their lifestyle after marriage. Before the formal procedure can start, the family must first give thanks to all those who have supported all of them throughout their life. Including guests, family members, and family members of good friends. This is a moment for sharing special moments and posting great delight with friends and family.

The Colombian culture provides long stored that marital relationship is almost holy and the wedding ceremonies need to be conducted in the most respectful way possible. As opposed to other nationalities where the marriage ceremony is considered to be holy and is joined by friends and family, a typical Colombian wedding calls for close family only. Irrespective of the formal aspect of these marriage ceremonies, there are many traditions that are detected during these kinds of events.

A feast day that is taken into consideration extremely auspicious in the indigenous culture within the Colombians is the exchanging of thirteen ice cold minds on the big day. Each person contributes a cardiovascular onto the bride’s outfit or human body before the actual ceremony starts off so that the thirteen hearts will represent the first twelve men the fact that bride has loved. These types of hearts are then broken on the formal procedure date, comprising the loss of life of the prior relationship.

Another popular ceremony which is widely practiced in the Colombian culture is a exchange of thirteen white-colored raffa pebbles with a sole red cardiovascular. These stones happen to be known as theimbangueres and are usually given to the new couple as a wedding symbol. This signifies that they have at this moment entered into a brand new relationship where they will be bound by love. In addition, it symbolizes very early a new life in the Amazon . com site. Before the exchange of these raffa stones, the couple is required to perform a wedding so that the evil spirit may be pushed away from the newlywed. This is created by placing a ribbon or a textile around the wrists of the star of the wedding and tying it away with a plastic band.

Finally, undoubtedly one of the most used Colombian marriage ceremonies is the dance. The party is called pakao ao and involves people of both the family and the community taking part in a dance which is aimed at remembering the new starting off that the few have brought into their new life together. The music used during these parties is dynamic and thrilling includes classic instruments just like drums and maracas.

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